A qualified and certified Life Coach trained by Tony Robbins (RMT Training) Strategic Intervention and Kain Ramsay (Achology).  Certified Mindfulness Practitioner.  Based in Warwickshire / the Cotswolds (UK), serving clients globally.


Coaching packages are bespoke and can be via small workshop, face to face sessions, skype or zoom (therefore location and time zone no obstacle). Please contact to discuss.

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Your life only gets better when you do.

Work on yourself and the rest will follow.


I'm Amanda...

Hello.  I'm Amanda and I coach.  I've been doing this now for about 3 years.  Although the setting has varied, my role is consistently underpinned by a genuine and passionate desire to help people overcome any obstacles they may be experiencing. 


To help people navigate to a place of greater self-awareness, increased confidence and real clarity in terms of focus and direction.

I can help you...

Work yourself out!

Who are you, without social labeling, the expectation from others, the role you have?  Do you have an understanding of your personal values and are these respected / honoured in your life?


Are you looking to overcome current obstacles, areas of difficulty in your life? Or, are you simply wishing to live life to your full potential - to be the best version of yourself?

Key life areas

Are you living an authentic, honest and fulfilled life?  Reviewing areas such as your relationships, your career, your life goals/ambitions. I can help you to determine what needs to change and how you can make this change happen.


Karen Pryce

Amanda is a lovely lady and has a gentle approach to her work, I would highly recommend her for the amazing help shes given me. Empathy and kindness oozes from this lady thank you Amanda

Dewitt Tripp

Amanda's personality allows one to feel at ease with her. She's flexible and attentive. She empowered me through helping to Know what my values are. WOW! Thank you, I feel excited to meet with her again.

Claire Fagan

Amanda is a great listener and I immediately made a connection. Wow the powerful questions Amanda asked really helped me to reframe my issue. Lots of aha moments, I highly recommend. Thank you Amanda. x

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